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Health Effects of Wine
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The Short-term Health Effects of Wine

You might be one to enjoy sipping your wine at dinnertime. To some, drinking wine is a ritual that must be treated as something sacred. To others, wine is just another alcoholic beverage they will just binge and get drunk from. Opinions on drinking wine may differ from one individual to another. But scientific studies do indeed show some evidence that wine consumption have effects on a person’s body. There is ethyl alcohol in wine, a chemical substance that is also produced from making beer and distilling spirits. As such, drinking wine can affect a person psychologically and physiologically. Alcoholic beverages are different from one another in their alcohol concentrations. Different alcohol concentrations, in turn, affect a person in different ways.

To be able to measure the effects of alcohol, it is important to take into account the amount of the beverage a person has had. In addition, whether the person has taken drugs (street, over-the-counter, or prescription), the amount of food taken prior to alcohol consumption, the timespan of the consumption, and the wine’s alcohol percentage are also important factors to take note of. With a blood alcohol concentration of 0.03%-0.12%, a person from  may experience mood improvement and a mild case of euphoria, self-confidence and sociability improvement, lowering of anxiety, redness in the face, and impaired judgment. A concentration of 0.09%-0.25% leads to blurred vision, balance problems, sedation, and lethargy.

A concentration of 0.18%-0.30% leads to vomiting, dizziness, staggering, impaired speech, and confusion. A concentration of 0.25% to 0.40% leads to vomiting, anterograde amnesia, unconsciousness, and stupor. Death may also be another result as a person could inhale their own vomit when unconscious. A concentration of 0.35%-0.80% leads to coma, respiratory depression, and alcohol poisoning. Wine, however, can still cause positive emotions to manifest for a short period of time