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Wine is one of the things to find in many places. Wine is great to make the situation feel better and the taste of wine can always make things so comfortable. in this case, of course there are many kinds of wines. Many brands of wines are made in many wineries and United States is one of the place that is great to find many great wines and wineries. In this case, there is Glen Fiona that becomes one of the premium wines from United States. This brand also represents the name of its winery. The name of Glen Fiona itself is taken from the Gaelic phrase and it means Valley of Wine. From its name, it is quite clear that this winery brings the great taste of wine from valley. Specifically, this wine is made in Walla Walla Valley in Washington, US. This can provide great taste of wine, specifically Syrah and Rhone wine. This winery was established in 1994 and this becomes the first winery specialized in producing and making premium wines of Syrah and Rhone. At the first time and its early production, Glen Fiona only focused on Rhone-style wines, but then later there is also Bordeaux-style of wine. That is also why some of the wines from Glen Fiona bring French taste of wine.

Glen Fiona is famous for its taste and texture. Many reviewers and wine lovers from this wine for its bold texture and taste. The terroir and great taste of Walla Walla and Columbia Valley make the wines taste great. They are great for the palate and surely each drop of wine will be able to tickle everyone’s tongue. There is also uniqueness that make this wine is so interesting. There is a strong fruity taste offered by this great wines. This comes from the Syrah grapes used by the winery. The best quality of Syrah grapes are used and the grapes have to go through some processes and methodology to make sure that the grapes can be provide the real taste of wines. There are also other grapes used in products of Glen Fiona, such as Viognier, Cinsault, and Grenache Noir, but still the Syrah is the best one to provide by this brand.

Winery of Glen FionaFor its process, most of the processes is low of intervention. Things are done naturally and these involve great process and tools to make sure that all tastes are coming from the best process of fermentation. Related to the fermentation process, there is a process to make sure that this fermentation is going to run well and naturally, so it can provide best taste of wine. Then, there will be combined process of remontage and pigeage. Remontage is process of pumping over while pigeage is process of punching down to circulate the wine after the fermentation is done. Then, the wine will be pressed though a basket and these pressed wines will be stored in the wooden barrel chai. The wooden barrel chai in this winery is made from the great quality of oak wood, so while the wines are stored in the wooden barrel, there will be great taste of oak flavor, and this makes the wines perfect in taste.