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Types of Wine
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Types of Wine

Red wine is produced by extracting the color and flavor from the skin of the grapes. For this purpose, dark-colored grape is used. Young red wines are violet while mature wines are red. Older red wines are typically brown. Purple grapes commonly have greenish-white juice but the anthocyan pigments in grape skin add color to the liquid. White wines are typically yellow-gold, yellow-green, or straw-yellow. White wine is made by using green or yellow grapes and fermenting the pulp. White wine can also be made of purple-skinned grape but the maker needs to make sure that there are no skins mixed with the pulp.

Rose wine is colored due to use of grape skins but in an amount so insufficient the wine is not categorized as red wine. Rose is typically pink in color ranging from rather orange to near purple. Fruit wines are made using berries and apples. Different fruit wines are named according to the fruit used in the production. There is a reason why grape is the most common type of fruit to be made into wine. Other fruits are not that accommodative of fermentation whereas grape has everything yeast requires to thrive.

Honey wine is also called mead. Honey is fermented with water in the making of this wine. Other ingredients may also be added including hops, grains, spices, or a variety of fruits. Despite all other components involved in its production, a beverage made of fermented honey is called mead nonetheless. Mead is perhaps the oldest form Of Wine as its existence predates that of grape wine. Starch-based wine uses starch as its main ingredient such as barley wine. Sake is another example of this, made based on rice. Starch-based wine variants are more like beer than traditional wines but their similarity in alcohol content makes them just another variety.