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Professional Jobs Relating to Wine
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Professional Jobs Relating to Wine

Wine is not only tasty and becomes a favorite among many. A good wine is a wine that is produced through a process that guarantees its quality. To ensure this quality, winemaking is a complicated chain of roles played by certain individuals, each with their own expertise. You cannot expect a product with exceptional quality from winery that recklessly crafts its wine, can you? Over time, individuals playing a role this important eventually become professional. These days, it is not weird to encounter a person with a professional job relating to wine or winemaking. You might stumble into one if you are an avid wine-lover.

The wine industry is a wide sector encompassing many occupations and professions. Their roles are related to every step involving wines. There are those who are responsible for growing and cultivating the wine grapes, preparing it, bottling it, selling the wine, assessing it, marketing the wine, and providing recommendation for clients and serving it. Each individual playing a role in industry of wine bears distinct title or name to them. A cellar master, for example, is one who is charged with taking care of wine cellar and its load. A cooper, on the other hand, is the maker of casks and wooden barrels. The facility that makes such casks is referred to as a cooperage.

A negociant is a merchant of wine who procures products made by winemakers or growers of lesser recognition and then sell the products using the negociant’s name. Oneologist is someone who studies oneology, the science of wine. The person is also called a wine chemist or wine scientist. A sommelier is also called a wine steward and is responsible for arranging a wine list of a restaurant, training a restaurant’s staff about wine, as well as making suggestions for members or customers.