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Great Wines of Glen Fiona
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Great Wines of Glen Fiona

Wines are always special. This kind of drink cannot be replaced because of its taste. There are many products of wine and all of them are special for the taste. It is more about preferences and of course there are also some premium products of wine. It is always great to taste the wines from many places. In this case, United States can be one of the great place to find some great wines and wineries. Some states have some great wineries and Glen Fiona is one of them. This is the winery and it is established in 1994. It has been quite long time and it has produced many kinds of the name with similar name as its winery, Glen Fiona. This wine is great in taste. People love to taste the wines since it has fruity taste with unique texture.

About the Glen Fiona, actually this winery focused on Rhone-style wines at the first time. However, time goes by and there is also Bordeaux-style wines also produced by this brand. This winery uses best kinds of grapes for production. There is Syrah grapes that become the main grapes to use in production of the wines. However, there are also Viognier and Grenache Noir, and Cinsault. The good thing about this winery is about its natural process. The winery involves natural process in each step of production and this is to make sure that each drop of wine has authentic and natural taste of wine. That is why the winery has low level of intervention.

Great Wines of Glen Fiona For its fermentation, it is also done naturally. The winery only provides places for the fermentation, and the rest is determined by the natural process. When the fermentation is done, there is combined process to extract the wines from the fermentation. There is pigeage and remontage process also show you how the process for making wine fermentation. The pigeage refers to process of punching down the wines, and remontage is the process of pumping over. From this combined process, there will be extract that will be products of wine. After the combined process, the wines are cGreat Wines of Glen Fiona hanneled to the big wooden barrels. There are barrels as the storage of the wines before they are poured in bottles for its selling process. This wooden barrels are made from great and old oak woods, and this make the wines have great taste of oak flavor. Of course, this makes the wines have unique taste. It has fruity taste in combination of its oak flavor. This will always make all wine lovers love this wine.