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Great Wines from Walla Walla Valley
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Great Wines from Walla Walla Valley

For the lover of wines, there are many kinds of wine. It will be interesting to taste all of the wines from many places in the world. If you are also the one who loves wine so much and you are in United States, there is a great wine that must be tried by you. It is Glen Fiona. This is a great wine from great winery. About its winery, the winery has the same name as its product, Glen Fiona. This winery is located in Washington, United States. Specifically, it is in Walla Walla Valley and Glen Fiona is the first winery and wine products from this place. The name of Glen Fiona comes from Gaelic phrase and its meaning is ôthe valley of wineö. From its name, it is pretty sure that the wines will provide great taste of wine from the Walla Walla and Columbia Valley. This winery is specialized in Rhone-style wines, but there is also Bordeaux-style wines. For the grapes used in this winery, there is Syrah grapes, but there are also Grenache Noir, Cinsault, and also Viognier.

About the taste, there is nothing to worry about it. Glen Fiona is able to provide unique and special taste that will always tickles people to try more. The wine has great combination of uniqueness and palatability that will make every person love this wine. In this case, most of its great taste comes from the processes run by the winery. The winery makes the best production process to make sure that the wines will only have premium and perfect taste. The wines can have both strong texture with its fruity taste. In this case, most of the processes are natural and it has low level of intervention. For its fermentation, it is made natural in order to get best results of fermentation. It may take time, but the process will never disappoint the wine lovers.

After the fermentation is done, then there is combined process to get the raw wines from the fermentation. There is combination of remontage and pigeage. Remontage is the process for pumping over, while the pigeage is the process for punching down the wines from the its fermentation. After this process, the wine will be channeled in the wooden barrel. This is the great process that determine the taste of the wines. The wines will stay inside the barrels before they are poured in the bottles for packaging. The barrel is made from the old oak woods and these are great quality of the oak woods. This make the wines able to get best quality of storage and it makes the wine has great taste of oak flavor. That is why this wine has unique taste and texture.