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Glen Fiona’s Fate After the Co-Founder Left
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Glen Fiona’s Fate After the Co-Founder Left

Glen Fiona is one of the premium wine you can find in the United States. The winery was established in 1994 by Berle Figgins and his partner. But, the co-founder, Berle Figgins, left the winery and created turmoil. Let’s see how this winery survives in the industry.
– Short History of Glen Fiona
Berle Figgins is a Walla Walla native who learned a lot about winery established Glen Fiona with his partner in 1994. The winery became very famous because of its bold flavour and texture thanks to the Syrah grape from the Walla Walla region. The success of this winery made different companies wanted to buy it.

Figgins and his partner still hold into it until he decided to leave the company in 2002. He stated that he wanted to pursue other career and began to work for Northstar winery under Stimson Lane and made his own distillery business with his partner, Ralph Bullock, in 2007. He stated that he left Glen Fiona fully to his partner and let him decide which company that could buy the winery.

– Glen Fiona After Berle Figgins Left
After leaving the winery, Glen Fiona still operated as usual, but we must admit that the winery had a little bit turmoil after Figgins left. In 2004, Washington Wine and Beverage Co. announced that they had acquired Glen Fiona winery. This company is the owner of Spire Mountain cider brand and Silver Lake Winery that currently becomes one of the largest consumer-owned wineries and has gained different awards for their collections.

The company purchased the winery as well as its tasting room in Walla Walla. The tasting room was added to the company’s existing rooms in Zillah, Leavenworth, and Woodinville. They won’t manage the winery themselves but appointed Michael Haddox who previously worked as an assistant for Silver Lake Winery and Ste. Michelle Wine Estates to handle Glen Fiona. However, this winemaker left the company in 2010 and worked for other wine companies. Although it is not managed by Haddox anymore, Glen Fiona can still survive and nominated as one of the premium wine in the US.

Although the co-founder left the winery in 2002 and pursued other careers as a craft distiller, Glen Fiona can still manage its way in the industry. Washington Wine and Beverage Co. bought this winery and appointed Haddox to handle Glen Fiona. Thanks to it, the premium wine can still exist, and you can still taste its bold flavour and texture.