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Glen Fiona as The Great Winery of Premium Wines
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Glen Fiona as The Great Winery of Premium Wines

Talking about wines, there are many kinds of wine products in the world. It is always interesting to try them all if it is possible. There are various kinds of wine products and this is determined by many things. It can be determined by the grapes used in the wines products. Then, the taste of the wines can also be determined by the process of production. Its winery can also determine the taste of the wine. In this case, there are many kinds of winery and Glen Fiona is one of the great wineries to visit when you are in United States. This winery is located in Walla Walla Valley in Washington, United States. This is great winery that produces great and premium products of wine. The wines have the same name as its winery and surely this is great wines to try.

Glen Fiona is not new winery. This winery is established in 1994 and since that time, this has produced hundreds or even thousands bottles of wines. At the first time, this winery focused on producing wines in Rhone-style wines. However, times goes by and things change so this focuses on Bordeaux-style wines also, and this makes the wines have more tastes. About the grapes to use, there are great quality of Syrah grapes used. However, there are also Cinsault, Grenache Noir and also Viognier grapes as the other grapes.

Glen Fiona as The Great Winery of Premium Wines In producing the wines, Glen Fiona trusts the natural process. That is why this winery focuses on providing the natural process of fermentation and other processes in order to make sure that all wines have great premium and natural tastes. This also makes the process has low level of intervention, so things are determined by the natural process and the quality of the grapes. Tools are only for the processing the grapes and those fermentations. When the fermentation is done, then there will be combined process to extract the wines from the fermentation. There are remontage and pigeage process. Remontage is process of pumping over, while the pigeage is the process of punching down. From this combined process, there will be wines and these wines are channeled to the barrels for storage. This Glen Fiona winery uses the wooden barrels and they are made from the old oak woods. This is a good point since it is strong and it can keep the natural taste of the wines. Moreover, the oak barrels also make the wines have great flavor of oaks, and this make the wines so unique.