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About the Glen Fiona Winery and Some of Their Best Wines

About the Glen Fiona Winery and Some of Their Best Wines

As an avid wine-drinker, there is a chance that you might have encountered a Glen Fiona wine more than once and there is also a chance that maybe you like the brand so much. The Glen Fiona wine is a brand whose one of the owners is the brother of the owner of the Leonetti Cellar. The fact that the brand is supported by someone with a vast experience in winemaking (their Italian grandfather was also a winemaker) alone should be enough to show you that this is the reason why you fall for the brand.

However, the other half of the family heritage is Irish, which is reflected through the choice of the brand’s name. The company had Rhone-style wine as its original primary focus. However, things have changed and they now focus on Bordeaux-style wines as well. But the company is perhaps known best for their premium Syrah. It can be said that the Glen Fiona brand is identical with the Syrah wine. In fact, it was the first in Walla Walla area to introduce Syrah wine. Glen Fiona winery does not operate in their own vineyard. Instead, they have contracts with a lot of other growers that the owner manages.

But Syrah wine is only one of the specialties that Glen Fiona excels at. The winery specializes in making Rhone-style wines but Syrah grape is only one of the main components in their winemaking process. Other types of winegrapes used by Glen Fiona include Viognier, Cinsault, and Grenache Noir. The latest release of the Glen Fiona is from the spring 1999 (according to one source). Previous releases include red wines in winter 1997 as well as another one in spring 1996.
In 1998, Glen Fiona released the Bacchus Vineyard Syrah, produced in Columbia Valley. In 1997, the Walla Walla Valley Syrah was released. The Basket Press

Reserve Syrah was released in 1996, produced in Walla Walla Valley. The winery itself is open for public. Visitors can come to the winery to enjoy some amenities and fun activities including wine tasting. The tasting room opens by appointment only. The Walla Walla Open House can be booked in the first weekend of May while the Holiday Barrel Tasting is available in the first full weekend of December. The Glen Fiona 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon received international acknowledgement when it earned the Gold Medal in 2009 Pacific Rim International Wine Competition.